Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White Loaves

This is the first recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie, Baking with Julia.  Lily (my 9 year old daughter) and I made these loaves on Sunday before the Superbowl.  It was 80 degrees in our house so we didn't have any trouble with the dough rising.  My KitchenAid mixer bowl got stuck on the stand but there was help on the KitchenAid website.  Everyone in my family liked the bread.

The plan is to bake two recipes a month from Baking with Julia.  Next up is Chocolate Truffle Tartlets.


  1. Your daughter did a great job - those loaves look fabulous.

  2. I love baking with the kids (it helps that my 16 year old is in a culinary program - she teaches me :-) )
    Looks like you & your helper did a great job!

  3. Sounds like fun! Lovely looking bread.