Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pizza Rustica

So excited to bake another recipe.  So excited to use my food processor for the second time this year -- it might be a record!  Similar to a quiche.  Husband, daughter, and I all liked it.  Picky son said maybe if it didn't have meat and had onions instead.  I might try this one again.  Serrated lattice top would be much prettier.  The dough was very soft and hard to work with but my kitchen was 80+ degrees. Here are all the Pizza Rustica links.  Recipe can be found on the hosts' blogs.


  1. I'm sure the temperature made all the difference with the crust. It happened to be chilly (around 50 degrees) in Maryland when I made this, and it was pretty easy to work with.

  2. I could not find my serrated pastry wheel and had to go with straight cuts myself. I actually like it better. :)

  3. It wsa pretty cold in the Northeast when I made this, so the dough rolled out nicely (~30F).
    Kids are funny with their taste buds, aren't they?